The following is transcribed from a copy of Chadwick’s Educational provision in the Hundred of Macclesfield held in S/E90 folder at Stockport Library.

“Harrison, Rev, Joseph.    A Baptist minister and a political agitator. He opened his academy at 4, Mount Street in 1818. The school closed 15th February, 1819 when he was arrested for causing a disturbance. It was re-opened in 1823 when he was released from Chester Gaol. The school was a day and evening school.
His son, Thomas, succeeded him about 1849. The school closed sometime after 1860 and was re-opened as a girls school by Miss Hirst [Hurst?] on 22nd. July, 1867.”

mount street

Mount Street highlighted in red. It’s a bit hard to read but within the block of buildings is labelled Harrison’s Court. The school is probably the large building to the right of Harrison’s Court? Notice how close his academy was to the Stockport Sunday School and how close his residence was to the famed Sandy Brow (Duke Street.) The site appears to be occupied by Hilton House today.

harrisons academy - mount street

A fairly poor quality picture of Harrison’s Academy in Mount Street. The original photo was taken around 1912 by J. Hurst. This photocopy was kindly sent to me by a staff member from the Stockport Library about 15 years ago. The original could be clearer?