I wrote my own Peterloo script back in 2013, long before Mike Leigh, called A Very British Revolution. Let’s just say I won’t be giving up the day job!

A Very British Revolution (Written 18 Feb, 2013.)

A Very British Revolution – detailed synopsis (Written 18 Feb, 2013.)

Since writing the script I’ve managed to amass a great deal of new information and consolidate this into the Timeline Summary. This new research has helped connect together the events of the Peterloo Massacre, the Cato Street Conspiracy and the Scottish and Yorkshire Revolts of 1820. In particular take a look at the suspicious actions of James Lang and James Tetlow and the man behind them pulling the strings – the elusive spy Alpha. It proves the idiom that:  

Truth is Stranger than Fiction.


Peterloo TV Series or Documentary

Probably immaterial now as Mike Leigh has just completed his Peterloo film but I still think the story would make an excellent miniseries and cover new ground. If any TV execs happen to stumble across this site (highly unlikely) please read my script  and the Timeline Summary page as a basis for making this into a compelling miniseries with a similar tone to that of HBO’s “John Adams” but with a swashbuckling pace.

I’d love to see the story start during the Spa Field’s riots of 1816 and conclude with the passing of the Great Reform Act of 1832 with the key characters being Hunt, Thistlewood, Mitchell, Walker, Bagguley, Lang, Yates, Harrison and Lloyd.

If you’d like to see this miniseries created please get the word out there and tweet a link to this page or make a post in Facebook.



Many thanks,

Anthony Youngman